Take a step back in time with us: back to the early 1900s, when the Manhattan Bridge was still under construction.

In those years, like many other immigrants, a young mason, Giorgio Bonomo, left his small town in Sicily in search of fortune in the United States. Giorgio grew up in a very poor family and America was the land of great opportunities. With only a tool bag, he arrived in New York and was hired among many other workers for the construction of the Manhattan Bridge foundations. The fortune he earned would allow Giorgio to come back to his little town and buy the land that would become his family’s home for the next 4 generations. The tool bag that made it all possible went down to his son, a stonecutter.

Sculptor Elisa Corallo received a very old box from her grandmother: inside of it, her great-grandfather Giorgio’s tools were waiting to be used once again to create the Grand Bridge Award. This year it has been handmade out of Sicilian “radica d’ulivo” (olive tree wood) and will once again recall the shape of the Manhattan Bridge.
This Award is for the Best Film of the Year, chosen among all finalists.



6 Best in Category awards will be assigned to the best film in each category:

Narrative Feature | Documentary Feature | Short Narrative | Short Documentary | Experimental | Animation


Jury: This award is assigned by the panels of Judges.